For Your Organization

Love to Live Well offers Worksite Health Promotion/Wellness Programs to the employers of Denton County. Regardless of whether you are a large employer or a small business owner, you have options available to help your employees focus on their health and wellness thereby reducing your costs. Even if you do not offer health benefits to your employees, the health of your employees still impacts you through workplace injury, absenteeism, and presenteeism. Ever notice your employees are physically at work, but mentally somewhere else? Then you’ve seen presenteeism at work.

Whether you need comprehensive wellness programs or just some targeted outreach to your employees on preventing obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease, we can help with evidence-based interventions tailored to your employees.

Faith Based Organizations

Churches, temples, and worship centers offer a perfect place to begin rethinking wellness habits. Spiritual wellness is one of the 6 dimensions of wellness that leads to life balance. Often people look to their church home for support and nurturing. This is a wonderful environment to begin walking programs, healthy eating seminars, or even a full-scale health promotion program.

Love to Live Well offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive health promotion/wellness program development
  • Lunch n learn topics on
    • healthy eating,
    • being physically active,
    • or stress management


Wellness programs are appropriate:

  • In schools
  • In churches
  • In work sites
  • In other public health settings


Health Promotion Programs can be tailored for:

  • Churches and temples
  • Service organizations
  • Home school associations
  • Home owners’ associations
  • Schools
  • Other similar associations where members share a common interest


Organizations and Employers-(small business owners to large employers)

  • Work site wellness programs
  • Health promotion programs
  • Weight management programs
  • Walking or active living programs
  • Biometric screening programs
  • Health challenges

Other Medium to 
Large Organizations

Churches and temples are but one example of large organizations that pull people together. Associations of various types (Soccer, tennis, Kiwanis, Lion’s Clubs, even home owner associations and nature enthusiasts clubs) are similar in that they too play a supportive role to their members.

These organizations and associations can be excellent opportunities for wellness programs that enhance the lives of their members. Let us know if your organization is interested in seeing how!

Email us ( to tell us more about your organization and what type of health promotion program you are seeking for your organization. We can show you a menu of services, then tailor a program to fit your organization’s needs.